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Punk Mystery Sew-on Patch Packs

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If you love all things Punk and Alternative, these mystery packs are a great option to get multiple designs plus a discount rate.

THE DESIGNS ARE CHOSEN AT RANDOM!! If you're looking to get a specific design, please purchase them separately. You will not receive any doubles. The whole point of these is for the contents to be a surprise. If a request for a specific design is left upon purchase, it may not be received.

・Up to 25% cheaper than purchasing them at regular price, plus no additional shipping for each item.
・Each pack contains 4 to 8 patches of various sizes, selected from the listing photo, worth 11" x 13" of fabric.
・The patches are cut at random sizes, but generally there's at least a 1/4" around the graphics.

・The ink used is Speedball Water-based ink, which can last up to 10 years, has a smooth finish, and will not crack or fade.
・These CAN be washed. The ink used is the same stuff used for clothing.
・These are sew-on patches. You can use thread and needles from the dollar store to sew.
・A few fabrics are used, but they are all cotton, with similar weight and texture.



・PHOTOS & DESCRIPTIONS to make sure it's what you want.


・SHOP ANNOUNCEMENTS for holiday shipping schedules, possible delays, etc.

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