Ranging from crust punk to horror styles, if you love Alt fashion, you're guaranteed to find a patch you'll love.

All graphics are drawn/designed/photographed by me, and screen-printed by hand from my at-home studio. That is why each print results are never the same. They can also be washed and worn for years on end.

David Bowie, The Cure, Bauhaus, Addams Family, and so much more, this is an evergrowing selection of patches on all media Goths love.

Including original designs you can only find in this store, these are quality patches based on personal requests from Punks and Goths around the globe.


All types for all seasons, styles, and genders, made for both style and fuction - these scarves are made with quality fabric and fun to collaborate into your Alternative wardrobe.

These buttons are wearable art, and a quick and easy solution to add colour and life to your look.

Affordable and super addictive, every button is 100% designed and assembled by me right from my at-home studio.

Share some New Years love Japanese style!
It is a New Years tradition in Japan to send loved ones a Nenga-jyou (年賀状). It's like how you would send Christmas cards in the West.

Printed on standard postcard size with a matte finish, these postcards simply look nice on your wall.

Yes, custom requests are accepted! Like many indies businesses, items in specific colours, sizes, types, material of your choice can be made.

More details plus custom order forms are available on Etsy.