I am a Japanese Canadian born and residing in Toronto, Canada. I grew up highly exposed to Japanese culture, and as a result, learned to speak the language at a native level. Drawing has been a life-long hobby for me. As a child, I doodled a lot of Hello Kitty and Sailor Moon characters. Today, I have fully developed my own distinctive style of art, as well as a special skill set in watercolours and digital vector art.

Although I studied Graphic Design at George Brown, my career focus has shifted over to

fashion. In fact, my Thesis project was concentrated on fashion. My teachers and professionals from the creative industry suggested I continue with it as a business, which is exactly what I decided to do. Seventy percent of my job is fashion now, but studying Graphic Design has been a considerable asset as I do all my branding, web design, and other graphic design work. I now have a better understanding of typography and colour use, and I also do some photography.

NeoShiki (ネオシキ), meaning New (Neo) Colour (Shiki), is a line inspired by fashion from Japan's dark scene. This was originally my Thesis project for school.

My creations inspire individuals interested in Alternative Japanese fashion. I inspire them to adjust their wardrobes into something more eccentric and authentic. I make unique digital artwork and silk-screen, and many of my designs are sewn from scratch.

I create a wide range of styles, all revolving around Cyberpunk and Punk fashion - mixing Fetish, Lolita and traditional Japanese styles together - and a wide range of products.

My designs have been featured in local fashion shows and craft shows in Toronto, such as The Fashion District's Third Annual Fashion Show Gala Fundraiser and the Bazaar of the Bazaar. A photography piece featuring my work was published in the The Art of Living Dead Dolls, the art book from the world's most popular line of horror dolls.